Family Emergency Room

I created the logo and a very specific set of brand guidelines for Family Emergency Room (a chain of emergency medical facilities in Texas) in 2014 and continued to work with their marketing team as an art director and consultant until present.  


I have created multiple advertising campaigns for them, including "Here For The Unexpected" campaign detailed below.    


Advertising:  Here For The Unexpected Campaign

Part of what Family Emergency Room's ownership wanted to convey with their brand is a feeling of approachability trust.  A lot of people are intimidated by hospitals and FER wanted to cut through that.  I came up with this campaign in order to make the company feel human.  I executed the assets for this campaign across web and print including posters, a billboard and multiple web banners and headers.  The campaign was very successful and has become very much a part of the brand as a whole.

Website Banners‚Äč

Custom Maps and Icons

Custom assets such as maps and icons help to further strengthen the brand identity of Family Emergency Room. 


These maps can be found on the back of postcards and in advertisements.   These icons are used on the website and in print ads.  To see more custom iconography please click the button below to view infographics made for Family Emergency Room.

Marketing Materials

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